CR-173 Crew Vessel SOLD

December 8, 2017
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CR-173     CREW  VESSEL      FOR MORE INFORMATION  321-613-0458 or 321-536-4855

length 45 ft with platform, 14.2′ beam, 4 1/2′ draft

Bridge clearance 12′ mast down, 16.5′ mast up

Cruise at 20 knots loaded burning 22 gal /hr at 2000 RPM. Speed limited by governor, will go faster.

Twin Detroit 8V71 Diesels 318 HP with less than 1250 hours since reconditioned

Twin Disc 509 2/1 Transmissions

Economical to operate 22 gal/hr at 20 knots

Fuel capacity is 225 gallons in aluminum tank

Has seating for 20+ passengers on deck with scuba tank racks for 32 cylinders

Aluminum Platform and ladder make entry and exit comfortable and safe.

Boat comes with a full electronics package including VHF, GPS, Radar